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"Lets talk about the process, cause in Les Mis, I don’t know if you guys knew, but they sang live while the-"


Regina Mills + Text Posts pt 1

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Regina Mills + Text Posts pt. 2

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F@#K Fairy Tales Poster Series  - Created by Chris Ables

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Because every good story needs a villain.

lana being the cutest cutie at the sdcc14 ouat panel.
Are you going to update "New life, new problems"? I love that story! :)

Thank you so much for this! I always appreciate people manifesting themselves about my stories. :)

Unfortunately I started an internship in a lab last month and it’s got me working long hours. Every time I go home I’m just completely exhausted and not brave enough to write. Especially since I’m having some kind of writer’s block at the moment.

But you’re not the first asking me to update and honestly you’re all beginning to give me the motivation to do it. Maybe this weekend (even though I’m throwing a party for my birthday and it should already eat some of my time). I really want to update!

So this goes for everybody, don’t hesitate to remind me to post and your ideas are all welcome! Sometimes they really help to move the story forward.